Vienna Airport Taxi to the Song Contest

As your Vienna cab company HardBros is proud of the Song Contest 2015 being held in our capital. The Wiener Stadthalle perfectly suits presenting our little country Austria. It’s going to be the event of the year. Vienna Airport Taxi has to make arrangements with airlines and hotels to make everything run smoothly that weekend. But this happens in the background. Much more interesting is the Wiener Stadthalle and the Song Contest itself. Learn more about it.

Dates and Facts about Wiener Stadthalle

Vienna Airport Taxi collected interesting Dates around Wiener Stadthalle. For instance, did you know that Wiener Stadthalle is one of the oldest multipurpose halls in Europe? That jewel of Vienna was opened July 21st, 1958. Since then more than 65 million people visited more than 10,000 events. The Hall was built in the style of post-war modernity and supposed to symbolize the economic upturn and comeback of Vienna. Vienna Airport Taxi would say in retrospect that this goal was reached.

The Wiener Stadthalle provides space for 16,000 Visitors of the Song Contest. The event will take place on May 23rd, 2015. By the beginning of September 2014 the decision about the motto of the 60th Song Contest will be fixed. Because of the celebration of 200 years of Wiener Kongress this motto is fancied. Let’s take pot luck!

Bild zeigt viele Auto im Stau

Experience Vienna and the Song Contest stress-free

Our experience shows that weekends with big events come hand in hand with high traffic volume and jam. Vienna Airport Taxi will ensure you certainly don’t miss the Song Contest. One phone call will do. 😉 And who knows maybe we’ll see one or another VIP along the way.

Just another hint from Vienna Airport Taxi: How about a sightseeing tour around the town? Arrange a little time to see the facets of our capital. Vienna is a very gorgeous city and on your way to the Song Contest you should cast a glance at our beautiful buildings.

HardBros Drive – Vienna Airport Taxi is looking forward to the Song Contest 2015 at Wiener Stadthalle.

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